Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook for October

Outside my window... It looks more like November than October.  Dull, misty, dreary, grey and rainy.  Brrr!
I am hearing... the wind whistling down the chimney, the rain absolutely lashing against the back door and Lovely Man's alarm going off playing 'Alternative Ulster' by Stiff Little Fingers.  As much as I love the song - its very intrusive as I'm sitting in relative peace and quiet!

I am thinking... that I hope it stops raining by the time I have to go out.  I don't want to get my new coat wet!

I am thankful... for very strong medication right now, and as ever, the. love and support of my family

In the kitchen...  I've prepared a bacon and butternut squash risotto type thingy for our tea.

I am wearing... a tunic type top but am currently thinking that I need to go seek out more layers cos its blimmin' cold!

I am creating... ripples on my crochet hook!
I am going... To the Doctor's later on.  Exciting huh?

I am wondering... why I always feel so guilty about being off work when I'm genuinely ill.  I've only had one day off this year apart from these last four days and I'm stressing like a stressy thing about it.

I am reading... Country Living Magazine for November and some gardening mags we picked up as a cheapy deal at the Malvern Show. (Twas very good actually - we got Landscape mag, Garden Answers and another gardening one I can't remember PLUS 15 packets of seeds for the princely sum of £3)

I am hoping... that my ultrasound scan appointment will come through very soon so that I can be given a prognosis of what is going on inside.

I am looking forward to... feeling well again
Around the house... lots of mess.  I've decided that despite our redecorating just before c-word last year,  I hate the colours we chose.  I'm so used to warm reds and russets that the hyper chic pale linen colours do nothing for me at all and in my opinion make the room feel uninviting and cold.  I'm hoping that the new red cushions I found in a chazza shop yesterday and finding out my beloved old red curtains will at least break up the monotonous paleness.  Its just not me!

One of my favorite things...  Being inside, listening to the wind howl and the rain lash our little fortress!

A few plans for the rest of the week:  A 'soft' week hopefully.  I'm sincerely hoping that my GP will sign me off for a few days recovery time so that I'm not stressing about work thinking I'm faking my illness.  I'm taking back my living room if my pain levels will let me, and if I can find my other red curtain.  Honestly - how can you lose one curtain?  On Sunday its selection day for Samaritans and again, I'm hoping that I can get to this as I shall be very upset if I can't attend. 

A peek into my day...

Nuff Said?  


  1. Poor you; I feel your pain.

    I made a Pancetta (bacon) and Broad Bean risotto recently. I very rarely follow recipes, but this was from Rose Grey and Ruth Foster's book 'River Café Easy'. Very good.

  2. Oh Kim, hope you're chipper again very soon! Being ill obviously doesn't sit well with you, you're normally such a busy person. Use this time (you're really not missing anything, horrible weather out there) to plan a mood board for your room ... you probably don't need to redecorate, neutral colours are a very good background, and it sounds like you're already beginning to warm it up with red bits and pieces.

    Take care, sweetie (btw that risotto sounds gorgeous!)

    Love Claire xxx

  3. Keep cosy and I hope you feel much better very soon.

    Deborah x


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