Monday, 14 October 2013

Duvet Day

TThank you so much to everyone who commented on my last blog post and for your get well wishes. 

I'm feeling a little bit better now and the medication has brought my pain under control.  

I've had a really lazy day today. Not getting up until 1 o'clock I managed to catch up on some television programs I have missed over the weekend including the brilliant the Great British Year. If you haven't yet seen this amazing programme please check it out on iPlayer.  Catch it before it finishes.  There are four programmes in total covering each of the seasons.  The wildlife photography is second to none and they use timelapse photography to cover the changing of the seasons in incredible detail.

Another of my favourite programs is Country File and in particular this last episode covered a splendid array of beautiful and natural autumnal things.

It has been persistently persisting down today.   It has been wonderful to just simply be here in my cosy home.  I felt the need to bake.  I always seem to do this when I'm ill and some apple spice muffins found their way into the oven and even better than that out on to a plate when freshly baked!  They turned out really nicely. Pleasantly moist and full of good things like pumpkin  pie spice and chopped apple which had gently steamed to a melting softness.  The house smelled yummy. 

In other news:-

Magazines were drooled over. 

Candles were lit.  

Stews were stewed. 

And unfinished crochet projects were rescued from the depths of the under stairs cupboard.  This is probably the third autumn of restarting!!  
Aw. Makes me happy tho. Smiley-happy ziggy-zaggy, colourific completely out of shape blanket. Might be finished one day!


  1. A lovely 'feel-good' post Kim ... Lots of autumn loveliness!

    Glad you're feeling a bit better, just have a rest and take it easy ... Those cakes looks blimmin gorgeous ... Can smell them from here!

    Love Claire xxx

  2. It's been persisting down here too, and Lady Magnon made Welsh Cakes for tea. There's definitely something about weather that brings out the baker in folk.

  3. Rippley envy here :) Suppose I'm too late for a muffin, eh? *H*


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