Thursday, 14 March 2013

Winner Winner....


Excited much am I!!

I never win ANYTHING.

Until now.

And now.... I've won a fabulous prize from the Kathryn Wheel blog, hosted by the very talented Kate Crane.  It's an online journalling workshop - (See Here)  which has all manner of scrummy things to learn, which for a newbie to art journalling like me is absolutely perfect.  I'm very excited to start and still can't believe my luck!  I guess if you're not into crafting then this little win won't mean much to you but I can assure you it has me dancing me little socks off!

It's been  a funny week this week.  The weather has been really bright with beautiful Spring sunshine and clear blue skies but wow its been very cold; with snow flurries here and there earlier in the week.  It's raining now though and apparently it not supposed to get much better for the weekend.  Booo!  

The internet appears to be sorted for now.  Our IP have put us "on a different channel" according to the man who knows these things.  We're actually being  upgraded to super speedy broadband on Monday anyway so hopefully that will help too.  There's nothing more frustrating than having constant internet outages when you're mid-blog!

We had a visit from a neighbour on Sunday who advised us that our dotty neighbour next door appears to have it in for us (although goodness knows why - quiet, unassuming souls that we are!).  She is convinced that my craft pod is cover for something more sinister and has been asking people up and down the street if they know what I'm doing in there!  Odd that she can't ask me really isn't it?!!   Even more odd that when we took delivery of the shed she asked LM what it was for and he told her that it was a Christmas present for me to do my crafting in.  She's been complaining about other trivialities which I won't bore you with but I've  actually got so cross with the ridiculous situation she's created of late I've written to the Council to pre-empt any ridiculous complaint made by her about us.   She appears to have nothing else better to do than to keep tabs on our every movement.  She watches us from her bedroom window constantly if we are in the garden.  She has to know everything we're doing and has no shame in asking!   This is the woman who every four weeks without fail, removes the gravel from her borders, sieves it, and puts it back again.  I kid you not!  This is the woman who complained constantly that leaves from our magnolia tree blew onto her pristine grey block paved drive.  We actually cut it down because we were sick of her moaning about it.  Leaves fall.  Leaves blow around.  I have no control over Mama Nature!  This is the woman (she is 73) who cleared the drive of snow on several occasions in order that her lazy article of a son (who still lives with her at aged 48) could get his car on and off the drive. Yup.  Really.

I could go on at length but it only serves to wind me up to distraction.  We have been nothing but respectful to her in the 13 years we have lived in this house.  I'm guessing that her increasingly infuriating behaviour is something to do with her age.

I hate having uncharitable thoughts about people but Oooooooh!!!  She do make me MAD!!

Ah that's better!!

And breathe.

Don't know whether this better resembles me or her!

See you soon!!


  1. Neighbours eh! The old witch probably has nothing better to occupy her mind. I know how you feel!!!

    1. Nightmare aren't they?! She probably hasn't which is a little sad and I can understand that - but when she oversteps the mark it drives me nuts!

  2. Congratulations Kim and very well deserved!

    As for the interfering neighbour ... they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer ... how about getting her onside and befriending her, or is that really too much to ask! Haha xxxx

    1. Oh believe me Claire we've tried! We've offered her eggs from the hens but she turns her nose up at them. Silly lady! Thank you for dropping in x

  3. Congrats on the win Kim!
    She's a real dotty bugger...that picture could well be me too ;o)
    Have a great weekend.
    Rose H

    1. Hello Mrs! Thanks for visiting me. Yep - dotty is not the word! And getting dottier by the day!

  4. You just can't help some people. I used to have something similar down our street who hated my cats (if you don't want cats to use your garden as a litter tray, don't cover it in small white gravel!) and me. Almost spit in my face when I offered her a cat-deterrent device (which cost me 60 quid!). Used to swear loudly about "awful neighbours" whenever I was out in the garden. But when her son got depressed and suicidal who did she ask to keep an eye on him while she was away?

    1. I agree AJ - and how telling that she needed your assistance at some point. People eh?!

  5. I hear ya sister! ;-)

    We've several of 'those' here, drives me round the bend. Cripes, just step out to deadhead some flowers and it starts the jungle drum going . . . argh!! *angry, grimacey face* lol


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