Sunday, 24 March 2013

Ice Man Cometh ...

Oh the drama! 

Ty turned into Wolverine.  (Albeit a cool version!)

Zara feared for her life .....

The dog lost his legs -

 Oh no, hang on there they are ...

Zara lost her wellies .....

The shedcicles are back!

And the only things growing in the garden are the snowcaps!!

Guess it must be Spring then! 


  1. We are still getting snow here in the states also. We seldom have any after February, but this winter won't go away.

  2. And in the middle of the night we had an unbelievable hail-storm.... I haven't been outside yet (it's still dark), I'm just hoping that all the fruit blossom is still there!

  3. I've got a hanging basket that's now spherical - as much snow on top as compost below. It has winter pansies in there somewhere. Well, it had.

    The clocks go forward this weekend - so we'll be able to see the snow for even longer in the evenings.

  4. The icicles are fab! No snow here now,but still absolutely freezing cold - the wind is bitter. Lots of snow on the Lancashire/ Yorkshire border when we went to Todmorden on Saturday though.


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