Saturday, 30 March 2013

As Happy as a Pig in Mud (cake)

Hello dear readers!

Firstly, a big thank you for your feedback regarding leaving comments.  I am very grateful to anyone who takes time out of their day to read my blog and whether you have the time or inclination to comment or not, it matters not as long as you've enjoyed your visit!

Ok - so moving on ...Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate.  And Happy Chocolate Weekend to those of you who don't!  I'm just happy having a few days away from the dark and gloomy place  I've tagged Thursday and Tuesday on to the bank holiday weekend to extend it into a good long break and cunningly only having to use up 2 annual leave days which is a bonus!

My poor daughter has been so ill for the past couple of days which has marred the start of the break really.  She's had raging tonsilitis and is only starting to feel better today after a couple of days' worth of antibiotics.  Her poor throat was absolutely covered in white spots - and so swollen that she was having difficulty turning her neck or, indeed, talking.  Thankfully she's on the mend now but after having had the norovirus last week - this was the last thing she needed. Hopefully this is the last of her winter illnesses and she can start to get her immune system back on track.   I guess that's what working with teenies does to you!!

In other news (!)  Y'know we're a bit mad here at 'Pods?  Well our Easter Cake was always going to be a bit different wasn't it?!  

We made a cake today!!   Some of you may have seen the 'pigs in mud' cake which seems to have gone viral over the interweb thingie over the last couple of months.  I thought it was hilarious so we made our own version as we're having a family lunch tomorrow and as usual it's my job to provide dessert!

First of all I made a chocolate fudge cake (which was a couple of cheapie cake mixes from Aldi to which I only had to add oil and water).  I made a very easy ganache by bringing 300ml of double cream to the boil then pouring it over 300g of decent quality chocolate and stirring until the choc melted and the mixture thickened.  Next stage was to sandwich together the cake (I guess a Vicky Sponge would do the job just as well), and then adhere lots of kit-kats around the circumference of the cake.  This is a bit messy and its better to 'lean' the kit-kats slightly until the ganache begins to set a little.  Once you have assembled them, catch them all up with a bit of a ribbon  'belt' so they're tightened against the cake.  Once this has done then you can pour the rest of the ganache on to the top of the cake.  We made some little pink piggies from some fondant icing sugar, a tiny amount of water and some pink food colouring.  Man made the piggies - and I was in charge of the bottoms.  Hum.  I have no idea why I got this job! 

Anyway - here it is in all its glory..... Pigs in Mud!  

Um.... sorry I don't do bows!! 

Tee hee.... do our bottoms look big in this??  

My fave bit is the little snout and ears popping out of the mud!

See you soon!


  1. This is THE best cake we've ever seen in ournfurry little lives, it really made our day. Your pigs are brilliant, and the snouty bit is definitely the best, although we quite like the pig bathing too. Cake of the year!

  2. Fabulous Kim. My fav is the snout as well. Well done you :)

  3. Come off it, Kim. I know you really call it 'Pigs in sh*t' cake. I certainly would have!

  4. I hope your daughter is better soon. Just love that cake!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Think your cake's fab Kim ... very inventive! Your poor daughter has my every sympathy and hoe she's better soon, I've succumbed to the lurgy again, and so Easter has clearly passed me by this year ...

    Enjoy the rest f your very well-deserved break!

    Love Claire xx


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