Friday, 8 March 2013

Life ...

Today another innocent young life was needlessly taken.  A 16 year old girl on her way to school on the number 9 bus was the victim of a random knife attack and was pronounced dead at the scene.

I travelled on this bus every day for years. My daughter travelled on it recently at a similar time of day to get to a job interview.  There but for the grace of  the universe and all that.  Its just too close for comfort really.

My heart breaks for her family.  How on earth do you ever get over something like that?

No more words.

Just a candle lit.

Lots of love xx


  1. It's a crazy world. I read about someone being 'knifed' recently because he looked at his killer in a strange way. I just have no idea what one can do about these people, other than lock them away... or worse.

  2. I've now seen the newspaper report about this incident. Maybe the UK should rethink about Mental Homes.... there are far too many candidates walking the streets. One sees them all the time; they are walking time bombs!

  3. We live in a violent world where innocent children 's lives are taken for no reason.

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