Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Saucy Sausage

We're over the hump of the week!  Who's ready to get on the downward slide with me to the weekend then?  Ready?  Wheeeeeeeeee!!


**picks self up and resumes usual air of sophistication**

So tell me something.  Have you had a sausage this week?  No?!  Well then you should!  It's British Sausage Week don'tcha know - cunningly coinciding with the week of Bonfire Night.  More bangers than you can shake a (cocktail) stick at!

Sausages galore
(photo borrowed from the t'interweb with thanks)

So are you a sausage lover, dear reader?   Gone are the days when trays of simple pork sausages graced the  butcher's window.    Each time we visit our butcher he has a new flavour to try; honey and mustard, apple and leek, lamb and mint, pork and black pudding, turkey and sweet chilli and chicken and lemon pepper to name but a few.   Would they be on your hit list to try, or do you prefer a good old fashioned plain pork banger?  I have to say that we don't really eat many as a family, but when we do, the sausage must be of good quality.  Some of the cheaper 'Value' and 'Basics' supermarket brands just taste like chaff to me and I'd rather not buy them at all than deigning to stick my fork into a little wrap of artificial flavourings and sawdust sweepings thank you very much.
One of the freebie supermarket magazines this week had a lovely recipe for roasted sausage bake.  Now oddly enough, I can't stand sausage casserole!  It gives me the creeps. (bad experience with flaccid pink undercooked sausages lurking in a watery tomato sauce = scarred for life).     Bleurgh!   However this is more of a dry roasted dish; warming, filling and very flavoursome indeed!

So - you will need 6 Beautiful Plumptious British Bangers, 3 cloves garlic (crushed), 1/2 a butternut squish, cut into cubes, a good sprinkle of dried rosemary, some olive oil, 1lb of new tatoes, 2 large parsnips cut into cubes, and if you like a bit of a kick to your meal, add some dried chilli flakes too.  (We also added peppers, a few mushrooms and a carrot - cos we're bad ass!).

It's the simplest thing - just basically toss everything together in a roasting pan and bake in the oven until the veg are soft and melting, and the sausage is brown and cooked through.  We par-boiled the potatoes to give them a head start and found that this was needed as otherwise they'd still have been a little bullet like.  Nothing else was required, apart from a little onion marmalade or cranberry sauce perhaps by way of a savoury/sweet contrast.

See you soon!



  1. Over here, a sausage is simply made from coarsely minced pork, a little salt, some dried herbs, and a natural casing. I'm afraid that the idea of all those 'additives' in the UK, gives me the creeps. Other than the standard sausage, we also have the wonderful Merguez.

  2. We are lucky enough to have a wonderful butcher/game dealer in the village who makes all his own sausages (from free ranging pork), dry-cures his own bacon (heaven) and cooks all his hams and other meats. Other than a good old pork banger my ultimate favourite is wild boar and apricot sausage, if you ever get the chance to try some they're fabulously moist and full of fact I'll get some out of the freezer for tonight and try your recipe ;o)
    Thanks Kim.
    Rose H


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