Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thursday Whitterings

Greetings my lovelies, how the devil are you all?

Its been a busy old day as usual.  I've typed up so many accounts today that when I close my eyes, all I can see is digits!

This evening my work colleagues and I hit the fob-out pad at warp speed and escaped into the cool evening air a little after 5pm.  We had arranged to go for something to eat at a local pub which has Two for One specials.  There were supposed to have been about ten of us altogether, however as is usual in these scenarios, people dropped out during the day until there were just four of us left to dine.  People do make me smile.  This tea time treat had been arranged about a month ago.  The excuses that I can remember hearing at various times during the day were "I have a meeting about my mobile phone", "I'm working from home so won't be able to get there now", "Oh no - I've double booked myself, I don't know how it happened!"(that one was from the woman who had suggested the get together in the first place!), "I've not heard anything since the first invite so didn't think it would still be on, therefore I won't be joining you", and the best and probably most truthful "I forgot". Tee hee.  Ah anyway, it was a nice evening.  The meals only averaged around a fiver each so really not too bad, and after a glass of pink stuff and lots of gossiping, I was home by 7.15.

I do find it easier to go out straight after work.  If I get home and my bum hits my armchair then that's it - I'm done for and will find any excuse not to go out again!

In other news, my little blog has been nominated for an award.  Oh yes it has.

Look see!  Tadahhhh!!

Yes those lovely furry friends over at The Bears have presented it to me because I'm "mad", apparently.  I'm flattered, I think!

Thank you bears!!

On the way back this evening I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted a house clad in full on festive dress.  Come on now.  Its just not right really is it?   Christmas decorations up by 9 November?    Wrong.  Just wrong.

**Walks away scratching head**


  1. Workmates like that are better left to their own devices, the best ones still went along :o)

    Congratulations on the award Kim! You mad?
    Never ;o)

    Christmas decorations shouldn't be put up until Christmas Eve in my 'umble opinion,

    Rose H

  2. Now here's something that Cameron could easily fix. Absolutely NO DECORATIONS before December 15th, or hefty fines would be handed out!

  3. The ones with the excuses missed out Kim!

    Congratulations on your Award, very well deserved ...

    Have a Wonderful Weekend xxx

  4. In agreement... waaaaaay too easrly for any decs...(rolls eyes!)

    congratulations on the award!!

    Leanne x

  5. I love the excuses Kim, " I haven't heard anything about it since you ACTUALLY booked it and I put it in my diary and we hugged and said what a laugh it'd be so therefore I'm feeling all neglected and am going to act like a sulky toddler and punish you by not going so there! " - is my personal favourite whenever there's been a work-type meal. Morons! Glad you had a good time and got to kick your heels up xxx FM


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