Saturday, 17 November 2012

Saturday Smiles

Greetings lovely bloglies,

It's so good to catch up with you once again.

This week has flown by.  Work has been as manic as ever, however with restructuring (yet again) hopefully, starting from Monday, the workload will even out across the department and I can feel like I'm providing efficient, quality support again rather than flapping about like a  headless chicken, trying to stay on top of an unmanageable to-do list.

And breathe.

We're chicken-sitting for a few days.  My work colleague is taking his young family away for a few days, so I offered to take in his two young ladies.  They arrived last night and I put them into the coop with Leia who took absolutely no notice whatsoever!  Unfortunately the same could not be said this morning when she emerged from the coop, hissing and spitting and drop kicking everything in sight!  The object of her fury appeared to be the young black chicken with whom she was most displeased.  The chicken in question is beautiful with raven black, shiny feathers.  Both birds are very young and pretty and, as Leia is currently in full moult right now and missing her tail feathers, I can imagine that she was more than a little annoyed at these pretty young things queering her pitch, so to speak!  Things were very noisy this morning I can tell you with all three of them having a very vociferous shouting competition, and the ubiquitous seagulls and crows from over the field sticking their oar in too!  We went shopping to get out of the way!    This evening they're all snuggled up together (well - the hens are!) and all is calm!

Things that made me smile today:-

  • Eggs Benedict for breakfast in our fave High Street pub;
  • Visiting a 'vintage' craft fair in a gorgeous little old building and treating myself to a rhubarb and custard scented soy candle hand poured into a little sundae glass - smells good enough to eat!!
  • Picking up the perfect little gift for a friend - I know she's gonna love it! 
  • Choosing wallpaper and paint together ready to decorate the lounge.  After two years I think it's time that Man and I turned this into OUR home, rather than my place he moved into;
  • Similarly, finding an absolute bargain 'new to us' pair of cream leather sofas in a charity shop which will match the new decor perfectly. Excited!
  • The little girl sitting in the charity book shop, happily reading a story to herself in a loud voice and completely lost in her own world;
  • Black Forest Hot Choccie and Black Forest cake sharing in Costa;
  • The toddler flapping her arms at her reflection in the comedy mirror in the precinct and giggling her little head off!  
  • The amount of interest LM's leather jacket attracts whenever we go anywhere! - I think that deserves a blog post all of it's own!
  • These socks!!

                                  (no they're not mine - someone posted a pic of them on Facebook!

What made YOU smile today?

Happy Saturday to you and yours xx

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  1. Yeah, those sox are cool. Not surprised by the ructions in the hen house, they tend to be wary of newcomers.


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