Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday Meanderings

Hello Blogging Friends.  Please accept my humble gratitude for your lovely comments regarding my recent sad news.

The funeral is booked for Friday 13th.  I know the date would have some people running for the hills but in all honesty to us it's just a date.  It will be a horrible day in any event .so I can't see why the date should be any more significant in the bad-day stakes than it it is - if that makes sense.  It does in my head!

So, we're all in that that twilight limbo-land right now where nothing makes much sense, much needs doing, inevitable red tape, documentation and necessary appointments dominate our days.  As some wise friends have said to me, "This too shall pass".  And I know it will.

Welcome to my new follower, Cath.  **waves and blows kisses**

The allotment has been very much neglected of late, due to a combination of torrential rain and hospital visiting.  As it's a beloved place for us all, we had a bit of a working party on Sunday whilst there was a brief few hours respite from the rain.

Oh Lottie - we only left you to your own devices for a very short while and you've gorn all blowsy and rampant. You cheeky madam!

Poppies are doing well though!!  So many different ones in such a small area!  I do love them though - such bright cheerful little flowers.

Botanists would have a field day in this empty bed which has been colonised by self-seeded wild-things!  

Foxgloves - nearly "as high as an elephant's eye!"  I had to stretch up with my camera to take this shot!

We had cause to pop to the cemetery today and along the path were some fabulous fungi specimens!  This one was huge - plate sized!

I've just noticed the tasteful arrangement of pine cones around the base of this little fella  - they were in fact as nature intended despite looking as though we had placed them for effect!

These other two beauties were just around the corner - not quite as big, but still sizeable - click to enlarge any of the photographs - you'll see a £1 coin placed on the lower one for scale purposes!

Haven't a clue what species they are - Cro - any clue?

See you soon  xxxxx


  1. Such a difficult time for you. Xxx the poppies look stunning and bring a bit of brightness to such dark times Xxx big hugs

  2. Poppies for remembrance. Lovely. Xxx

  3. Oh and I heard it was legal to pick some types of mushrooms but illegal to prepare them??

  4. Dear Kim,
    As you said, how odd that we've both post poppies and fungi! I know there'll be a lot of hard work on the allotment, but nature sure looks beautiful when left to her own devices.

    My heart goes out to you and your family.
    I'm sure that all the red tape stuff is there to take over and help to concentrate the mind at this sad time. The worst day, as you already know (whatever the date) is the funeral, but then the 'limbo' ends and normality slowly starts again, your dear Dad will still be with you in your heart.

    Sending huge {{hugs}}
    Rose H

  5. The most beautiful of gardens are those that are grown by nature. Nature heals and fills in those spots that have been barren, so much like the heart. Loss changes our lives, it is never quite the same, but it does bloom again by the seeds that have been left behind.

  6. The bottom picture is of Parasol mushrooms (I presume the other one is too). They are a favourite of ours. Delicious, but best eaten when a bit younger. I shall think of you on the 13th.


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