Monday, 2 July 2012

I'm Still Here........

... just having another round of hospital visiting at the moment which is taking up most spare time, leaving nothing very much of import to impart! As soon as I can then I shall be back to my usual inane and inefficient blogging with gusto.

Dad was taken in last week with breathing difficulties having contracted a chest infection.  Unfortunately it looks as though the tumour on his lung is growing back and has made part of his lung collaspe.  These are indeed very worrying times.  He was discharged on Friday but was back in view emergency ambulance early yesterday morning as his breathing had deteriorated again.  He has fluid on his lungs and a "touch" of pneumonia - whatever a "touch" of pneumonia may be.  We have heard this morning that his Consultant wishes to transfer him to a different hospital and to blast the cancer with radiotherapy in the hope of stopping the little blighter in its tracks but as you can imagine we're in the lap of the Gods on this one. 

We shall overcome ..... hopefully.

See you soon xx


  1. Oh Kim, I will keep you & yours in my thoughts and meditations in the coming days. I do hope that there is good news soon *H*


  2. Sending positive thoughts and virtual hugs your way. x

  3. Stay strong, lovely girl xx

  4. Hoping all goes well - thinking positive thoughts for you both.
    Rose H

  5. Positive thoughts from New Zealand. A very worrying time for you.

  6. Your Dad is in our thoughts. Do tell him that there are people all around the world who are thinking of him.

  7. prayers from here too, will hold you all in the light

    Leanne x


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