Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Of dreich days, argumentative kindles and cabbages.

How do?!

Welcome to new followers Briony and Janina. Many thanks for your company.

How are we all then?  Another "dreich" (thanks Aril!!) day here in the Black Country.  I love that word.  DREICH. It says it perfectly doesn't it?  A Scottish word for dreary and bleak. It even sounds like a mixture of those two very words.  The Kindle insisted that it was changing the word to "French"  and I had to retype it about three times. My life revolves around arguing with my Kindle!  It does my swede in.  (Not Sweden.  Sigh)

Lovely fella had his manky tooth (Kindle converted that to manly tooth. Teehee) removed today so he's feeling a bit sore around the gills. At least it's out though. He had a nasty infection in his gum just before Xmas so it needed to be taken out.

Another slow news day here at the pod, so I'll share some old news instead. Long standing readers might remember me posting about my brother's attempts at growing monster cabbages last year. Unfortunately they peaked a little early for the Malvern show and he was just down to one to exhibit; a mighty legume he christened Colin. Unfortunately Colin didn't win any prizes but he certainly stood up well amongst his peers. Bro has already sown his new batch for this year and has them growing under a very intricate hydroponics system to be in with a chance for this year's shows
Colin in his hey day

Bro won first prize with his pot leeks

Mum, on the other hand, was thrilled to receive second prize at a local allotment show for her two cabbages which were in fact runts of the litter she had inherited from Bro which she had grown for fun. Just look at her little face!!

There you go then. How about that for a heap of randomness?!  Aren't you lucky?!

See you soon


  1. I wish I could grow giant Leeks; for some reason they don't like my soil.

  2. Randomness...just the way I like it!

  3. wow, those cabbages and leeks are huge.

  4. Those cabbages could feed my small town for a week.


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