Friday, 8 January 2016

Lay Lady Lay

Actually ladies, could you have a rest cos we have an egg mountain!  Tiny bantam eggs, rich dark brown huge ones and large paler ones.  We haven't tracked down who's laying what yet but I sincerely hope the big ones are from the maran and not the bantams!!

Our new flock we took on as 10 week old chicks have now blossomed into sweet young ladies. Well. Apart from one. Our beautiful lavender pekin bantam turned out to be a cockerel so sadly we had to give him away. Our neighbours wouldn't have tolerated his lusty crow every morning and several times each day so needs must.  such a shame. He was a beauty. Here he is in the foreground just before we let him go, looking like the king of his castle.  

We had a mixed brood of two chocolate pekins (Titch and  Myrtle) a black maran (Chickneequa) (don't ask), a gorgeous little flitty-about mille-fiore (Millie, natch) and a huge Light Sussex  called Big Bird)

I was surprised when they all started laying before Xmas. I thought they'd have been waiting until around Feb for some reason but they're all merrily popping out eggs all over the place with no sign of slowing down at present! 

This morning Ktt 
and I breakfasted like kings (and Queens!) with boilies and soldiers for him 

And poached for me. Cept I forgot to take a pic until I was being mugged by the hooligan for a toast crust.  This dog would forego prime steak for toast

I use poaching pods cos I'm hopeless at perfectly poached eggs!

Well that's four used up.  Now for the other 19!!


  1. I use poaching pods too- Mr GBT manages to do them without but how is a complete mystery to me!

  2. My hens haven't laid for months; time to lean the axe against their door.


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