Sunday, 4 January 2015

Back to work blues


I'm sobbing into my hot chocolate cos my holiday from the dark and gloomy place has come to an end.  When that alarm sounds in the morning I shall be having some choice words with it I can tell you.

We have de-Christmased the house today and all is back to normal.  All the calorific food has been disposed of in readiness for my 750th 're-enrolment at slimming tomorrow.

I've joined an online tutorial group called "life book" where there are lots of like minded craftybpeople learning new art techniques, inspirations, meditations and other great stuff where we have tutorials/classes each week. This will be a massive challenge to the procrastinator in me but will also keep me focussed away from food during my danger time in the evenings. Thank goodness my shed is clear!

This is the first page I have done which was the warm up session and included working with mixed media and layering techniques.  My focus word for the year is 'reduce' and in the envelope are personal challenges to myself.

Hugs to all of you having to return to work tomorrow.  Be brave soldiers!



  1. The tutorial group sounds good I look forward to seeing your work. Great start with your first page, I love mixed media. Like you I have to be up early tomorrow, luckily working from home getting all the paperwork and phone calls done, so self discipline needed! Not a great start as still up reading blogs at way past midnight!

  2. I went back to work today - sob sob sniff sniff...I've got to hang on to my dream that one day I will buy a winning lottery ticket! Reduce is a good word - I'm sort of on a reduce year too - I need to eat a little less, and a little less junk, and waste less time at the computer!


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