Monday, 19 January 2015

A Good Day

I awarded myself a mental health day today.  No working on a Monday - I could definitely get used to it. It's surprising what a difference having a three day weekend makes. I felt that we had had a proper weekend and I had none of the Sunday night blues to contend with either.    It was lovely.  I managed to fit in some sketching, some tidying and de-cluttering, man and I had a late brekkie of poached eggs whilst watching a favourite prog on catch up tv.  Back to work tomorrow but that's fine. I can cope with four days.  I wish we could afford for me to drop a day but that's not going to happen any time soon.

I've booked next Monday off too so that's something to look forward to.

What do you think of this little lot then?

Nope it's not my weekly shopping. This little haul came free of charge for winning slimmer of the week at slimming club. So pleased!  I just need to find somewhere to put it! 

See you soon xx



  1. I think I may have won the wooden spoon. That haul looks really good; and they even gave you a tin of beans!!!

  2. Well done on the slimmer of the week! It is so great to have a day off when you are usually be working, I'm hoping to get snowed in (though not much chance of that)

  3. That sounds like the kind of day I desperately need right now before I burn out. All that food looks lovely. Well done you! X

    1. Jules you must do it. Trust me I'm a ... um ... just trust me lol

  4. What a fab prize and big congrats to the slimmer of the week x


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