Saturday, 4 June 2016

Cocktails, containers and chickens.


It's been a bit of a mixed week really.

We had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I began with Friday off work taking advantage of a long weekend.  I met with a couple of extras work pals and we settled into a gossip filled catch up fuelled by gin. Until cocktail hour was announced and we partook of some far too many of these:


Bloody disgusterously horrible !!

On Saturday my bestie picked me up in her red sporty number and we escaped, Thelma and Louis style, to our fave getaway for brunch in the sun and much coffee. Unfortunately she had a bit of a hand cream incident and I nearly spat my coffee over the table in a most unlady like manner.
 Sigh.  We revert to being 12 years old sometimes.

Sunday was spent filling more planters. We're nearly finished now and then the big tidy up operation can be started and we can begin to enjoy the garden again.  It's like a lumbar yard crossed with an obstacle course out there at the moment and I can't wait to be able to just sit and enjoy it.  Not that any of the hard graft has been done by me I'm ashamed to say. I just can't do physical work any more so apart from some painting and planting that's the sum total of my contribution.

Here's some random pics anyway including our new Cerunnos plaque.  I love it!

Aliums and yellow poppies have colonised this corner but I love that.  

First rose of the year smells amazing.  

And lots of buds ready to pop too.  It's always a show this one.  Flowers it's head off all Sumner with frequent dead heading and light pruning. 

Big Bird (aka the predator cos of the clicking noises she makes) having a dust bath. 

Chickneequa being nosey. 

Millie aka Meggan (sic) after the girl on the Exorcist film and her eldritch screeches. Butter wouldn't melt. 

The other two are broody, have been for weeks and no doubt are inside sitting on stolen eggs laid after first swoop this morning.  

I've put myself on a plant buying ban. 

Apart from these beauties that is...... 

Happy weekend!


  1. loving your garden, hubs has just made me a planter from pallets, now i'm going to paint it!

  2. I think if you dunk their bottoms in cold water it stops them from being broody! x


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