Sunday, 22 May 2016

A productive weekend

Well mom's eye op was cancelled.  There had been an admin error and she shouldn't have been offered a Saturday appointment as her op is slightly more risky than a standard cataract op.  Ah well.  after being up at 6, out at 7, hospital at 8, breakfast with my brother at 9, we had collected her and took the opportunity to go to Lidl shopping on the way home.  By 11.30 I was home and unpacked so the rest of the day was spent dodging showers in the garden.

Today has been more of the same. The sun was beaming in through our bedroom window this morning so we decided not to waste the day.

Lovely fella has been a DIY dervish and has been beavering away on the deconstructed pallet planters.
Tommy Walsh got nothing on this fella!

Heres some progress pics. The garden looks like Steptoe's yard at present but I'm trying to see the bigger picture.

We shall get there.

It will be so much easier for me to manage the garden when it's all done especially as my arthritic joints aren't getting any better.

Thanks for dropping by today.  Hope your weekend was a happy one. It's a four day week for me this week. Ever so slightly happy about that!

Lots of plants still to plant out. Mostly from last week's boot sale. 

First coat on. This one is going to be pink

Heuchera 'lime marmalade'

Hosta 'drummer boy'  

Salix tree, baby lupins, wegeila and a baby acer. Need a couple of lavenders for this one.  Slugs you are not invited!
Love the colour of this heuchera.  It's a trailing one
called 'redstone falls'.


  1. It's looking gorgeous already Kim. I'm thinking of adding to my Heuchera collection- they're such a good tempered plant.

  2. After getting herself psyched for an operation, that had to be so frustrating for your mom to be sent home.

    Your garden is coming along beautifully.

  3. The garden s looking gorgeous and the pallet planters are just perfect. I'll have the purple one please!!


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