Thursday, 12 May 2016

Desperately seeking number 40?

They say that every picture tells a story.

I wonder what the story is behind this.

I see this sticker every day on my way to work. It's stuck on the side of an electric box outside of a pub and I've been intrigued for months.

I'm intrigued as to who number 40 was or is and why things were never the same.  Who wrote it and stuck it there?  What did they hope would happen?   Does 'number 40' pass by every day and read it, not knowing the message is meant for them? Or do they know, smile smugly and walk on?   Was it a fortieth blind date for someone? A reference to a fortieth birthday?  Is it a line from a book? A lyric from a song?

We shall never know.  In my head it's from some romantic liaison. Perhaps someone is sitting in the pub, eternally waiting for Mr or Mrs 40 to walk past.

There's a book or a film in there somewhere!


  1. Many years ago when I lived in England, and travelled around a bit, I used to see a sprayed Squirrel on motorway bridges (mostly on the M1). I always wondered who had done them (Banksy maybe?), and what they meant. There are certain questions that will probably never be answered; including your 40.

  2. Oh goodness...can't remember if I sent this earlier before the iPad died...I have nominated you for a Liebster award...hop over and take a look. Jackie. x


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