Sunday, 8 February 2015

Weekend catch up

Hey guys

How lovely of you to visit me here at Peapods.

It's been very cold here in the Black Country this week but although icy we've had no snow.  The sunrises over the field have been stunning.

I'm so lucky to have such easy access to the canal towpath near to where I work. I never get tired of it.  It's odd. I feel a real affinity with it and the barges make me very wistful.  I often wonder what it would be like to live on a barge.

The canal has been iced over for days and the wisps of smoke hanging in the still morning air from the barges smells delicious.

As part of my self imposed 'get fit for fifty' regime, I've been trying to do at least forty minutes walking during my lunch break. If I can walk away from the office for twenty minutes then that allows me twenty to get back and still have time to grab some lunch.  It's baby steps right now but everyone has to start somewhere and at least I'm doing something rather than sitting vegetating at my desk.  So far I've lost 17lbs since 5 January so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself.  Stones and stones to go but again, it's a start.

During my walks I have seen coots, moorhens, Canada geese, ducks and a pair of swans who I'm really hoping will nest somewhere neat and raise a family. They've been around for a few weeks now so I'm hoping so.

This week I bought my fellow secretaries a bunch of daffies each as a cheer up token. I think we were all feeling a bit 'February-ish' so the splashes of gold around the office really brightened things. You can't feel glum with a pot of daffs on your desk!

I saved mine for home and mixed them with iris and hyacinths. Very springy!!

See you soon. Xx


  1. That sounds great and I think you're doing really well! I wish I could get out for a walk at lunchtime - I have half an hour if I get to the staff room on time (which is rare) - usually 20 minutes is what I have to make a brew, eat something, drink my tea and get back to class. I really miss having a whole hour for lunch! I'm trying to lose a few pounds this year too, we've really got out of the habit of walking and have got very lazy in the last 18 months or so... it's hard breaking habits we've go in to!

  2. Wow, well done on your weight loss, keep it up and don't get discouraged when it slows down. Keep on and it will pick up again.

  3. It is wonderful living on a barge! And yes, that delicious smell of burning wood translates to warm and cosy on board :). Well done on the weight loss, that is fabulousx

  4. You have done well with your weight loss. How marvellous to work so close to a canal. On our visits to the U.K. we have had a few trips on narrowboats and just loved it. Those spring flowers look wonderful.

  5. That's a great achievement, well done! I meet a lady in the park with our dogs and she looks amazing. She lost 3 stone by just walking to work and back instead of driving.
    I'm sure you'll meet your target xx

  6. Walking is the best (and easiest) exercise and it seems like it is working for you. Congratulations!


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