Thursday, 12 February 2015

Every loser wins ...

Hello beautiful ones!  I trust that you are all fine and dandy and the week is being kind to you. A very warm welcome to my new followers.  It's lovely to `see` you here.

Thanks so much for your lovely comments about the weight loss so far.

At weigh in on Monday, this happened!!

My son has asked me to point out that his thumb plays a starring role in this picture!

I was a little disappointed in just a half pound loss last week, particularly when I have seven trillion stones to lose so I made a few adjustments to my eating plan.  I love them, but at the mere sniff of a potato or a slice of bread and the carbs joyfully migrate to my hips and have a party. And invite their friends.  So although you can eat anything on the plan in moderation, I cut them out completely last week apart from two tiny salad potatoes and a tiny amount of noodles added to a stir fry. I tried as much as possible to eat 'clean' and filled up on lovely fresh veggies, fruit, salmon and chicken. I didn't feel deprived at all and amused my office colleagues by eating a bag of sugar snap peas at my desk. It must look like I'm eating all the time!!  Added to this was lots of water and I replaced my copious cups of tea and coffee with hot water. For my evening treats I've been enjoying a yoghurt and fruit, a low cal hot chocolate drink and the odd curly wurly to assuage any chocolate deficiency!  

All this combined with a couple of power walks at lunch time resulted in a five pounds loss, and so brings my total to date to 22lbs

I achieved my stone and a half award, and was, embarrassingly, slimmer of the week again. It really does prove that if you stick to the plan it will work. I've cheated on diets so many times in the past but the only person I've been cheating is myself. And quite frankly, that just ain't on any more sunshine!

A thought for the week :  Don't wish for it. Work for it. 

Random piece of information:-  I have 19 kiwi fruit in my kitchen. I think they're breeding. 

Non-foody treat purchase this week:- an infusions bottle, more about this soon. 

Something I'm looking forward to:- a dirty Romantic weekend away with me fella in Gloucester  

See you soon! 


  1. The only cert' I'd be awarded would be 'Fatty of the week'. Winter comfort foods are playing havoc. So, very well done, it takes real will power at this time of year.

  2. Some weeks I lost only 2oz but kept it up. Took me 2 years but got there in the end!

  3. Staying on a diet is never easy but once you see results, it is almost as satisfying as a dish of ice cream.

  4. Well done Kim! I'm glad all your effort has been recognised!

  5. Well done, amd if you need any help with those kiwis they're one of the few fruits I enjoy.

  6. Well done! Sounds like you've really cracked the dieting! I think I've lost about half a stone this week but only because I've got a sickness bug :( I'll say no more! I love your thought for the week. I have an infusions bottle on my amazon wishlist, I'll be interested to see which one you bought and what you think of it.

  7. Eee hello there Kim! I too love a good blog to read and I'm so thinking we are kindred spirits after reading your profile!! I once was slimmer of the week at a fat club I went to a billion years ago - I got a plant - it flowers every year - bloody well reminding me how thin I was then!! I'm currently struggling in a fat phase of my life despite losing stones in 2013!! Nice to blog YA!!


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