Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Card-making Tuesday

Hello lovelies,

I've been signed off work for a while with my stupidly painful back so today I decided to use my time productively and begin making some c-word cards.  I'm beyond rubbish at being a crafter!  Any self-respecting card-maker would have a stash of beautifully presented seasonal cards by now having begun their endeavours in July.  As usual though, despite having best intentions, I've put it off and moved bits of paper from one end of the table and back again for weeks now without actually sticking anything to something else!

So, here we go then.  I decided on a festive floral theme and punched out some simple flower shapes from red card.

Then with my little ...erm... dibber tool (technical crafting term!) rolled the cut outs
to give them some shape.

Stuck two flower shapes together,

then punched out a stamen shape from black card

Once the stamen was stuck onto the card, I added a little 'Stickles' glitter to give it a little festive glamour!

Next, I punched out two christmas tree shapes from green cardstock;

And gave it a bit of a trim!

Next up,  I gently scored some vein like lines - 

and stuck them on to the back of the flower shapes.

Next job was to find some suitable backing papers.  These were freebie ones from a Scrapbook Inspirations mag that have been in my stash for  ages - I think they're by Bo Bunny.  I covered the join in the paper with some coordinating ribbon.

Next, I stamped a Christmas greeting using a stamp and some black ink, and  punched out the greeting with a large square stamp, before matting it up on some green cardstock.

And finally - the finished product!  Ta-dahhh!!

Card making in its simplest form!  Not a bad  effort really - now stop looking cos this one might be yours!!

See you soon!!


  1. We love your card, specially the leaves. We're way behind on our Christmas card making this year.

  2. Fabulous. Your friends must love getting your special cards.

  3. Do you make the envelope too? Or do make it to fit ones you already have? Someone will be happy this Christmas!

  4. Lovely card. Mind you, I wouldn't want to make loads of them. We buy what we need in the January sales. When we take ours down, we sort through for any that have nice pictures that can be re-used as either pictures for new cards or as gift tags.


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