Wednesday, 15 August 2012

You say you want a revolution.....

"Well, you know
We all want to change the world ..."

Whilst blog-tangling recently, I happened upon THIS lovely blog.   I'm always on the look-out for blogging inspiration and so am more than happy to join in with this particular type of revolution and its simple enough - just list 10 things that are making you happy this month.  If you would like to take part then head over to Astra's blog to leave your link.

1.  Freebie flowers - glads and alliums from the lottie, mallow (lavatera) from the garden, wheat and grasses from the field!

2.  My new jewellery stash purchased from the local 'boot' on Saturday! I was lucky and found lots of goodies but in particular I fell in love with this gorgeous necklace, (£4) from one stall;  and  ring (50p) and bracelet (50p) from  another! 

3.   Our  adorable 14 month old "granddaughter" sitting in the middle of the dinner table in a local hostelry on Sunday after lunch, smiling the biggest cheesiest smile and babbling lots of babble in to her Daddy's mobile telephone!

4.   The fact that The Great British Bake Off is back on tv.  LOVE that programme!!  (and the eye candy in the form of Mr Hollywood ain't bad either!)

5.    That I'm seeing an ex-work colleague on Thursday for a catch up and a balti - and that lots of other lovely ladies I work with are coming too!   Nothing like a curry and a gossip!

6.   That my wondrous partner and I have a lovely couple of days without children this very weekend!  Don't get me wrong - we love the bones of them but sometimes... just sometimes, it's great to have a complete weekend heat re at home on our own without the constant background noise of music, crashing of doors, petty squabbles and the like.  And, conversely, we can be as noisy as we like! ;)  heheheh....

7.   That I can actually SEE my craft boxes after a good clear out of rubbish in my craft room.  This means that potentially I can start my scrapbooking again!  Potentially.

8.   That the shadows are lengthening, the light in the evenings is more golden and I've seen blackberries already ripening on the brambles.... my favourite time of year is fast approaching. Delicious!

9.  That it's sunflower season!  I adore seeing these beauties randomly peeping over garden fences!   This single one is planted in a pot down on t' lottie.

10.  Finding this photograph on my old camera which I've only just uploaded.  I always get frustrated taking moon pictures because they never turn out as well as I'd like.  This one was a luck shot - and I'd say it was taken..... ummmm....probably around May/June time.

What's making you happy this month?



  1. Wasn't that Union Flag Cake magnificent!

    Where on earth do you buy a good old fashioned SCRAP BOOK these days?

  2. "we can be as noisy as we like! ;) "

    OOH Matron!


  3. Hey kim, i love your list, especially your free flowers, they are stunning! Thanks for sharing the positivity and joining the evolution :) x


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