Thursday, 2 August 2012


Hello lovely people.

A very warm welcome to my new follower, Cheri.  Everybody wave now!!  **wave**  :)

The garden saga continues.  Once again, we have been stymied by the flippin' weather.  Excitement at the new project is now turning to exasperation as every day we pull back the cover, and less than a couple of hours later we have to cover up once more.  As this week off work was to be dedicated to garden work you can imagine how annoyed we are.

Hey ho.   At least ALL of the lawn has gone now.  That was a heavy and messy job.  Thank goodness we had somewhere to put the discarded turves. At the back of our garden fence is messy area which leads on to the field.  We have transferred the turf here and hopefully the grass will   regroup and regrow and make the area more presentable.  I have lots of  seeds gathered  from various seed head rescues which I will scatter over it and leave Mama Nature to work her magic.  It will be interesting to see how that looks this time next year.

I bought a lovely gardener's reference book from one of the car boot sales yesterday entitled 'What Plant, Where'.   The title says it all as to its content and guides enthusiastic but clueless gardeners like me in the right direction.

It was ironic then, that when we moved some rubbish yesterday, embedded in a tiny crack in the cement, this little lady was more than happy just where she was.

A fitting justification to the common phrase, "Bloom Where You Are Planted"


  1. I found a little petunia blooming out of a crack in the footpath in the High street, down in the town. I'm amazed it survived the walkers.
    Seeds are tough little souls, aren't they?

  2. Waves enthusiastically back. Thanks for the welcome.

    I have a very, very overgrown garden full of weeds and wild flowers. My previous house had a beautiful garden and I do miss it. I have no idea where to start with this one. Maybe a black sheet is the way to go. Will watch with interest.

  3. I did wave! I occasionally find cabbage type plants growing in unexpected places... I suppose it's the birds who are the 'gardeners'.

  4. I just love it when I find plants popping up where I didn't plant any. I always think I have some bird to thank for that.


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