Thursday, 26 April 2012

One of those days...

Hello bloglies!

It's been a somewhat trying day today.  Regular readers may remember that my Dad was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer a couple of year ago.  Thankfully a massive dose of chemo shrank the huge tumour and,  Tarceva is keeping it at bay for now.   Unfortunately however, a couple of months ago Dad developed chronic pain in his groin and thigh.  Bone tests showed that a localised patch of cancer had developed in his thigh bone and as they were worried about the potential that his bone could shatter or snap under any kind of pressure or fall, medics decided that as a precautionary measure they would put two pins in his bone and this would also hopefully help to alleviate some of the pain.

It's awful to see a loved one in pain.  The sense of helplessness is just horrible.  Dad had his operation today thankfully.  I went to see him this evening not long after he was back up on the ward.  Dad's a big man and has never looked his age, but today he seemed old and very frail. Once the anaesthesia had worn off, which happened unbelievably quickly, the pain level was unbearable.  It sickened me to see him in so much pain.  After some pretty heavy pain relief I'm hoping that he can get a good night's sleep and be more able to cope tomorrow.  Please keep him in your thoughts.

I think today has been made doubly difficult by the fact that it's the sixth anniversary of my Nan passing away.  She died on her 93rd birthday and not a day goes past where I don't miss her or think of her.  She was the loveliest, sweetest person.

Ah anyways...... I don't want this to be a pity party but I'm a down to earth blogger and this is just how my day has been.

Moving on and on a lighter note....

Kevin the Teenager made pizza at school yesterday.  When I got back from the hospital he proudly presented me with this box telling me that he'd left me some to try.

I was very impressed by the big posh box the School had sent him home with.  Very professional eh?!

Harvey was suddenly on high alert!!

Come ON Mom.... the suspense is killing me!

Wow.  The tiniest pizza ever!   

Thanks Son!

Well it gave me a giggle anyway!!  And it actually tasted delicious!! 


  1. As you said, watching someone you love in terrible pain is agonizing. I hope he will fel better quickly. Pain management has become so important today, and has made living with theses diseases more bareable.

  2. Dear Kim, do tell your Pa that people the world over are rooting for him.

    I do find it strange that effective pain control has not been properly developed. Like a cure for the common cold, one would have thought it was a relatively simple matter. One day.....

  3. Sending big hugs to Dad from wacky-town :-)
    and to you too, I know it's not an easy time right now.
    Do you fancy doing a "someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to" post? might cheer you up a bit to think of what to write about xx

  4. Sorry to hear about your day Kim, here's sending many positive thoughts that your Dad has his pain under control and improves no-end :o) What a lovely thought from (a very caring) Cro that people all over the world are rooting for him.
    How nice that the pizza tasted good, even though it wasn't huge! LOL.
    Sending you a {{hug}}
    Rose H

  5. Thank you so much you lovely people. I very much appreciate your best wishes. xxxxx It is indeed a lovely thought that people we've never met are sending such good wishes our way. Thank you again.

    Kath - I've just checked out your link and will definitely be doing this one x

  6. Hope your dad is feeling more comfortable now. Good pain management while he heals is so important.

    Hmm, diet pizza!!

    Leanne x


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