Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hoppy Easter


A very Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it.

And for those of you who don't - Happy St Cadbury's day! 

Ooh how very non-PC of me. In an effort to ensure that not all sensibilities are offended I must apologise in advance to those chocolate rabbits amongst you who have been rendered disabled by frenzied gnashing of teeth.

Mwahahhaha..  Always makes me chuckle that one!


Want a giggle?

Have a look at this!

Our school float - Wollescote Primary School - Silver Jubilee 1977.  I was ten years old.   Where is I do you reckon?

I'm having a very retro weekend!! On Friday we went to see a fantabulous punk covers band at our local music venue.  Punk'd ( )really are a brilliant live band with a very young (in his 20s and not even alive when the the Pistols were kicking off for goodnessakes!) but very charismatic front man who acquitted himself extremely well.  Man and I had the best time, partaking of rather more of the falling down water than we had intended and singing our heads off to such splendiferous and jolly tunes as 'Staring at the Rude Boys', 'Alternative Ulster', 'Borstal Breakout', 'Babylon's Burning' and .... of course (stands up and salutes reverently) 'Anarchy in the UK'.  My face ached from smiling so much - but not so much as my head ached yesterday.  Why is that you never remember why you don't usually drink until the day after the night before?  Hmm there's a conundrum for you! 

The house smells wonderful right now- a lovely mixture of spices and sweetness.  My Hunter Gatherer went out this morning and brought home the biggest piece of gammon you have ever seen!  Seriously!! What is it with men and huge pieces of meat?!   He's been in the kitchen most of the day preparing marinades and glazes and the like.  Can't wait to taste it now - it'll probably last for weeks!!

We're hibernating today.  Revelling in being home and doing as we please.  The kitchen is resounding to the sounds of Stiff Little Fingers, and here in the living room the kids are snugging and listening to probably the worst attempt at a Cockernee haccent ever in living memory. Everyone sing ....."A glorious die in mie".   Tis very funny actually - DD is enthralled and snuggled under the zebra throw, Kevin the teenager is pretending that he is FAR too rock'n'roll to be even contemplating the watching of such drivel but as I'm typing - he too is transfixed!!  pahahaha.  Classic!

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holidays my lovelies. 
Run along now.  Spit Spot!!



  1. DVD is hilarious as a Cockney. I wonder if any Americans realise that!

    1. Dunno Cro but I'm very fond of his Chimchimcheree!

  2. Ha! Why have I never seen these bunnies before? Total LOL moment, Kim :D

    @Cro - yes, yes we do! Well, this one does.

  3. I love this blog entry.. camp as christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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