Monday, 2 January 2012

Last Day of Freedom ...

... until the weekend at least.

I can't begin to tell you how much my spirit is sinking to my (walking) boots due to the fact that this beautiful, precious day is the last day of my Christmas leave. I'm trying hard to keep a happy head on but it's so difficult.  In an attempt at putting such horrid notions out of mind, Charl and I pulled on our walking boots earlier and went for a squelchy yomp over t' fields with t' 'Ooligan.   Our naughty (although I have to say he's getting lots better!) pup really is a delight to watch when he's off the lead and racing along the country paths.  He really is very well behaved off the lead, and walks to heel when told (with a couple of lead rattles as an occasional reminder!) then hares off at top speed when told 'away'.   He only goes a measured distance before turning around to check where we are.

That dot in the distance is Harvey!

I won't ramble on today (shocked aren't you?!) but let the photos do the talking.  I do seem to take lots of pictures of trees!

Sunlight throught the trees

Hurry up you slow coaches!

The sky was crystal clear  blue today

Lime green lichen in the sun light

Tangle Tree. 

On a clear day you can see forever ...

Harvey in Lassie-a-like Photo Shoot!

There are still a few beautifully bright berries to be seen

And this strange fungus which looks like someone has thrown walnuts into a tree trunk!

Hope your day is clear and bright wherever you are. 

I'm off to make banana and coconut cream cake just cos I can!

See you soon!


  1. Nowt like a good walk with the dog! Although here, it's a day to stay indoors.

  2. He IS very photogenic :))

    Hoping the week speeds by for you and before you know it's the weekend!


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