Saturday, 31 October 2015

I'm back again

Hello bloglies!!

I made it back!

Blessed Samhain to those of a similar mind. 
If not then happy pumpkin carving and mugging the neighbours for Haribo day!

I took a bit of a blogging respite over the summer as, basically, my head was a shed. As appears to be the new saying!

I've lost the plot with my diet but am still hanging on to a weight loss, albeit a smaller one than last time I posted but I'm taking the positive. I'm hoping now that my life is back on track I can kick start it again.  

I have a new job!  Yep. After 18 years in a job I was beginning to despise because of cynical management I finally decided that I was not a tree. I could actually stop whining about the fact that someone else in the department was being paid more than me for doing the same job and do something positive.  So after a couple of non starters I secured a job in the big bad city. My salary has increased more than I could have achieved in ten years at my previous firm and I have taken on a semi-supervisory role. I've been there a week and although daunting it hasn't gone too badly at all. It will be a huge learning curve but I'm up for the challenge. 

We went to Glastonbury for a few days in September and had the best time. As envisaged we absolutely adored it. We climbed the Tor (almost to the top but the light faded too quickly for us to get up to the very top), we visited the Chalice Well where I lit candles, hid offerings and had a little cry, visited the Abbey where The fella dropped his very expensive sunnies in the fishpond!  Bad luck there but I'm sure there's a very cool looking carp swimming around in them now!  

We gained six gorgeous chickies for our coop. They were just babies when we got them but they're growing into lovely hens now.  Sadly we had to get rid of our beautiful lavender pekin which turned out to be a cockerel and not the hen we had specifically requested rather than potentially incur the wrath of our spiteful neighbour. Sad but necessary as he was far too noisy for a terraced house garden. 

 My son left school and has gone to college to study music tech. Hes also secured a job at a big supermarket and has just started this past week.  How can this be?  He's only 3!!

I have lots of pics to share but can't access them from my phone. Another day maybe? 

See you soon


  1. Congratulations on your new job - I hope it works out well for you. Your trip to Glastonbury sounds great. Let's hope you will soon have some lovely eggs from your chickens. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you - me too on both counts! x

  2. Glad you decided to change jobs, sometimes, you just have to do it!

  3. Lovely to have you back! I have never been to Glastonbury, something to put on my 'to do' list. Happy Samhain!

    1. Thank you! Ah you must - such a beautiful place. Let me know if you ever need details of the perfect b&b!

  4. Huzzah good to see ya back!

  5. Gosh it's been a long time! Good to hear you've found a better job, a lot of unpleasant managers need their backsides kicking; I hope you were able to achieve this before leaving.

    1. Well not really but I think they knew my feelings well enough by the time I left!

  6. It is nice to see you back on blogger. Congratulations on your new job.


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