Friday, 3 January 2014

Simple Woman's Daybook for January

 xx  Happy New Year Everyone. xx

 hope it brings you everything you wish for and more.  

Health and Happiness always 

With love from Peapods

Outside my window …  its blowing a ruddy hoolie, rain is lashing on the window pane and its cold!

I am thinking...  that I need to put some socks on cos my feet are freezing as I stupidly went trekking up the garden in nobbut me leopard print slippers and now they're soaked.**

** and clothes, obviously!

I am thankful...
 for another week and a bit away from work . I'm really not ready to go back yet.  My planned return is the 14th so hopefully everything will have settled down by then. 

In the kitchen... oh you don't wanna know!  The family had to have takeaway tonight as Its like a bomb site!  We are having it completely gutted and refitted on Monday and we are therefore in the process of unpacking cupboards, decluttering and are thus surrounded by bags and boxes of rubbish.  

I am wearing...
 grubby, less than glamorous worky clothes!

I am creating... apart from a mess, I'm planning to make a journal from recycling our christmas cards - more on that another time 

I am going...  to see my Consultant tomorrow for a post-op check up.

I am wondering... when my new soup maker is going to arrive.  I'd hoped it was going to be here today so I could play!  Home made soup is all I'm eating right now so its an investment!

I am reading...
 the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez

I am hoping... that some plans I'm trying to put into place will come to fruition.  Fingers crossed.

I am looking forward to...
 new possibilities/new beginnings.  Hopefully a new chapter.

I am learning
… that Life is a journey and nothing will change unless you MAKE it so.  To that end I have asked a question to instigate some change in my workplace for me.  See 'I am hoping' above.  I should hear in the next couple of weeks whether my request is listened to, failing which I fear a new CV may need to be drafted.

Around the house... more change - really looking forward to seeing the completed kitchen.  This is another step on the ladder to the house being 'ours' as in mine and lovely man's, rather than somewhere he moved in to.  The kitchen we currently have is dilapidated and very dated and so the thought of cupboard doors that actually close properly and are not hanging on a single hinge is very welcome!

am pondering...   about the amount of decluttering that we really must find time to do this year.  No more procrastination. 

A favorite quote for today... 

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.
Don Marquis 

One of my favourite things...  our new little console table on which I can display some precious things.  We recently moved our television to hang on the chimney breast to make some much needed space.  This little table is so welcome! 

A few plans for the rest of the week:   Consultant appointment, shopping, hibernating, sorting, recuperating, sketching (badly), trying to keep out of the way of various workmen, rocking quietly in a chair with my hands over my ears!

A peek into my day...  I won't bore you with pictures of bin bags and boxes.   So a picture of the new table will have to do!   Don't say I don't spoil you!


  1. My 'Soup Maker' is called a saucepan. As we eat soup for lunch almost every day, have I missed out on some magical kitchen gadget?

  2. Hello Kim and Happy New Year lovely lady! Hope all your dreams come true, and can't wait to see your lovely new kitchen. How fabulous!

    Hope all goes well with your consultant, and glad that you feel better.

    Take it easy and enjoy your time off

    Love Claire xx

    1. Thanks Claire - I can't either although the mess will be horrendous!

      Happy New Year to your and yours too xx

  3. uh-oh I have "hare envy"! I love your table display!
    You certainly sound more cheerful and positive, I'm so glad you are on the mend xx

    1. Thanks Kath - I love my hare too - its a Heartwood Creek one by Jim Shore and we picked it up from a junk fare a year or so ago. Tis my precious and probabl one of the nicest pieces I own!


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