Sunday, 18 August 2013

You can have your cake.......... but you can't eat it!

Hello my Lovelies

Apologies for my short absence - I've had quite bad eye strain and needed to be away from the computer screen for a while.

Last week saw us celebrate Lovely Man's birthday with a BBQ  for family and friends.  I'd been sneaky and had a cake made for him by a local cake maker extraordinaire "Marzipan Moon and Sugar Dust Stars".   Click HERE to see other examples of her fab work

I wanted a replica of his famous beloved jacket if at all possible and Jules, the very clever owner of the aforesaid shop, did me proud!

The Jacket .....
The cake - I love the little studs she put all around the edge of the cake board - all edible!

The birthday boy looking very pleased! 
The first thing he said when we surprised him with it was......."Well you needn't think I'm cutting it!"

He did though - although we have preserved the little jacket - for what I have no idea!

See you soon!


  1. what a great cake! A belated Happy Birthday to 'Lovely Man'!

  2. Cake-Art. I bet he loved it. If Lady M did something similar for me, she'd just have to throw it on the floor a few times and jump on it; 'scruffy' is so much easier!

  3. I've missed you Kim ... where've you been?

    Great cke and what a lovely surprise!

    Have a lovely week

    Claire xxx

  4. What a fab cake, she really did a great job :) Hope your feeling better, eye problems are no fun and nothing to mess about with. Best that you had some time away from the screen {H}


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