Thursday, 29 December 2011

Of Besties and Fun and Games

Hello Lovelies

Thank you to all 91 of you who dropped by to view my little blog yesterday.   I'm having real issues with Blogger lately.  Many people can't leave comments - even if they wanted to(!) and Blogger itself tells me that my browser no longer supports 'Blogger' and that I may encounter problems posting.  The only way I can post is via Google Chrome.  It therefore seems that I may have to move my little blog to another host at some point as I'm a bit of a technophobe and don't really understand what I need to do. It's very frustrating.

Anyway, moving on.  I've had a lovely day today.  My best friend text me earlier this morning to see if I fancied popping out for a coffee.  Well - it would be rude not to eh?!  We went to our usual little Garden Centre coffee shop and sat with a 'mini breakfast' and a large coffee and gassed away a good couple of hours.  It was absolutely blissful!

Paula and I met around 12 years ago when our eldest girls were at school.  We had both signed up for the Parent Teacher Association and didn't know each other prior to the first meeting.  Paula, in her inimitable style, walked into the staffroom, thrust a bright green D&G plimsoll with bright pink laces at me and said - "I can't undo ruddy knots - can you help?"  We've been best mates ever since.

We lived in each other's pockets in the early years, particularly when our littlies were at pre-school; more often than not we would drop them off at school then go out on an adventure somewhere or other, even when we had promised that 'today we absolutely and definitely should get some housework done'.   We've laughed, cried, partied, been on Thelma and Louise road trips, drunk endless cups of coffee in each other's kitchens, shared confidences, sold candles, wrapped three million presents for Santa's grotto, sorted jumble, dressed up in the most ridiculous outfits known to man, sung on stage in front of 100 people at a candle product launch, hunted for mice in the PTA shed, moaning our heads off at the damage done by such a small rodent, then, upon finding it, saying "awwwwww bless"!!  and promptly released it into the field outside the shed only for it to no-doubt return shortly afterwards.

We've both gone through sticky marriage break-ups but have both come out the other side of them and have  both in turn found our forever loves.   We might go for a couple of weeks at a time without communicating but when we do get in touch we can yap for hours and hours without a break.

I miss her a lot as we both work full time and don't get to spend as much time together as we used to but today has just underlined how strong our friendship is and probably (hopefully) always will be.

Love you matey!!

This afternoon lovely man and I went to my parents for late lunch/early dinner.  We had a great time being plied with homemade lasagne and knickerbocker glories and then played a couple of games before we came home.  If you're into playing games with the fam., then these two are brilliant fun!   Motor Mouth (which is like an electronic version of Give Us a Clue, and Say What  - remember the electronic 'Simon' game?  well this one is similar but you have to rearrange a mixed up phrase or lyric by moving coloured balls in to the correct order - check them out - I can thoroughly recommend them!


  1. Hi Kim,

    Just checking as I've not been able to comment here for some time :(

  2. Thank you my lovely - it's been very frustrating! Hope you're well x

  3. Ah, you're back! We've all been worried about you.

    I think you made a good choice of 'best friend'; she looks very nice. Bisou, Cro.

  4. Thank you Cro! So good to 'see' you x

  5. Ah ha! thought you could sneak off to a new blog without us eh? :-D
    You and your buddy look well-suited ( a pair of fruitcakes LOL). Old friends who stand the test of time are the very best.

  6. Hello Kath! I agree - about the fruitcakes AND old friends! Thanks for the following add again. xxx

  7. Followed you here Kim - you're not getting rid of me THAT easily!
    You and your best friend look like sisters!
    Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2012.
    Rose H

  8. good luck with the new site kim! bit confused though- its still blogspot, wont you still have the same old problems? Fingers crossed a new blogspot address has done the trick though!

    Leanne x

  9. Hi Rose - welcome back - that's been said before funnily enough! Same manic grin I guess!! Happy New One to you and yours too hun xx

    Leanne - Yep it's still blogspot - I'm hoping that by renewing everything that it will have sorted out the glitches but if not then I'll move to another provider. Did you get my email? I can't access your blog anymore :( Keeps saying I've used up my invitation! lol xx

  10. No, I havent had it, dont worry, I'll re-send the invite! (dont know why it should have said that, it should be on e invite and in for good! I am on it!)

    Leanne x


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