Saturday, 3 September 2011

Mixed Emotions

One of my very good friends had some awful news yesterday about her beloved Father.  He has been unwell for a short time; more of a feeling of "general malaise" rather than anything specific.  She had encouraged him to visit the medics and appointments had been attended for cameras, and biopsies and scans.  Yesterday they went for for a consultation about the results.  After so much investigation over a relatively short space of time, they had steeled themselves to expect a difficult diagnosis but one which could hopefully be overcome with surgery and treatment.  Instead the prognosis turns out to be very poor and he has been given weeks to live.  There will be no treatment apart from palliative care.  She and her Mother are understandably devastated.   My heart is breaking for her and I feel completely useless as there is nothing I, nor anyone else, can do but be there as her support network whenever she needs me/us. 

Conversely and on a more positive note, another good friend gave birth to a beautiful and much longed for baby boy in the early hours of this morning.   Welcome to the world, beautiful Baby C.  May all your dreams come true little one.


  1. It really is so very hard when something like this happens, something so out of our control :( You would give the world to make it better, but can''s wishing you strength to be whatever your friend needs you to be {H}

    Wonderful news about the baby boy........ :)

  2. So sad for your friend and her family. About the only positive thing we can take from this is that he won't have a long painful illness ahead of him.

  3. Very sad. Life's bizarre circle catches up with all of us in time. Deaths, births; the only thing we can hope is that it all happens in the correct order. Devastation and elation; each has its turn.

  4. So sorry for your friend and her family Kim, life can be a bitch sometimes. Here's hoping they have the strength to open their true feelings together and not leave things unsaid. I'm sure you'll be there for her to help and support as much as needed both now and in the future.

    Great news about the young man, hoping he has a long and contented life!

  5. Thank you for your thoughts, lovely blogging friends. I text her last night just to send her good vibes and understandably they're still reeling.

    Onwards and upwards eh? Hugs all x

  6. Oh Kim, I wondered what you were referring to in your comment on my blog, but have only just arrived here to find out. I am so so sorry, and I too will light another candle here. so much devastating news this weekend, we are still reeling here, as you and your friends must be. hugs x x x

  7. Words fail Kim. It's a very frustrating feeling, isn't it?
    Congratulations on the new baby though!


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