Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A Momentous New Purchase

Are you ready for this?

Hmmm I don't think you are.

I'll just pause a little and let you gather yourselves in anticipation.

Y'know how rock n' roll me and my other half are?  (snigger)



Punk Dish Brush

SID DISHES!!!!  Never Mind The Washing Up - there's Anarchy in the Kitchen.

Oh how I laughed when I saw him.

And laughed even more at the looks I got in Matalan when I stood in the queue for the tills proudly holding him in front of me.

Rock an' bloody Roll!!!!!


  1. Matalan. Gotta get me a sid!

  2. Wow that is wicked!
    Thanks for the lovely comment, I really will put the cheesecake recipe on next time!
    Jenny x

  3. That's brilliant. I wouldn't mind doing the washing up with him.

  4. Totally, utterly brilliant and I need one.


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